Global Regents thematic Essay Review:Regents Questions:

  1. Belief Systems (Unity/Conflict)

  2. Belief Systems (Influence of)

  3. Change (Key Individuals)

  4. Change (Individuals Who Have Changed History)

  5. Change (Non-Political Revolutions)

  6. Change (Philosophers/Leaders)

  7. Change (Political Events)

  8. Change (Political Revolutions)

  9. Change (Turning Points)

  10. Conflict (Differences Among Groups)

  11. Conflict (Threatening Peace)

  12. Economic Change (Industrialization)

  13. Economic Change (Economic Systems)

  14. Geography (Influencing Regions) 

  15. Geography (Humans and their Environment)

  16. Geography (Positive or Negative Effect)

  17. Geography (Geography and Society)

  18. Global Problems (Environmental Issues)

  19. Human and Physical Environment (Land Features)

  20. Human Rights (Denial of Human Rights)

  21. Human Rights Violations

  22. Justice and Human Rights

  23. Movement of People and Goods (Trade)

  24. Political Change

  25. Political Systems

  26. Science and Technology

  27. Turning Points

Thematic Essay Resources:

  1. Essentials of the Thematic Essay PowerPoint

  2. Regents Thematic Essay: PowerPoint: Cracking the Essay

  3. Great all-in-one Review Sheet for Thematic Essays

  4. How to breakdown the Thematic Task

  5. "PERSIA" for Global

  6. Regents Thematic Essay Rubric 2014

  7. Formatting the Thematic Essay

  8. Thematic Intro Format

  9. Regents Thematic Essay Format

  10. Regents Thematic Essay: Key Trigger Words

  11. Thematic Essay "I" Chart

  12. Thematic Essay Introduction Example

  13. How do I write a Thematic Paragraph?

  14. The Cheeseburger Paragraph


US History Regents thematic Review: Regents QUESTIONS

  1. Change - Individuals Other Than Presidents

  2. Change - Turning Points

  3. The Cold War 

  4. Constitutional Change 

  5. Constitutional Principles

  6. Equal Rights

  7. Equality

  8. Foreign Policy Since 1900 

  9. Geography and United States Actions 

  10. Individuals, Groups and Institutions: Controversial Issues 

  11. Influence of Geographic Factors in Governmental Actions

  12. Migration of Peoples

  13. Presidential Decisions 

  14. Reform Movements

  15. Reform Movements in the United States

  16. Social Change

  17. Supreme Court Cases Concerning Constitutional Civil Liberties 

  18. Territorial Expansion 1800 - 1900

  19. The Constitution and Change



Regents Global DBQ Resources

Cracking the Global DBQ
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How to introduce documents into body paragraphs
Using the DBQ "I" Chart/Graphic Organizer
Global DBQ Document Template/Paragraph Organization
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The Sentence Fragment: Good PowerPoint
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